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Welcome to Foundations Physical Therapy, where Tracee believes that everybody deserves a chance to regain their strength and confidence with customized physical therapy interventions. She uses both traditional and cutting-edge approaches to aid in your full recovery and help you surpass your goals. Tracee will focus on correcting the movement impairments that often lead to a poor response to exercise or eventually lead to pain.  She is particularly concerned with habitual postures and repeated movements that contribute to current or potential functional issues.  This strategy helps to create programs allowing individuals to move beyond simply "managing" their symptoms to building a robust musculoskeletal and neurophysiological capacity.  She also provides specialized hands-on treatment to aid in correcting any movement impairments.  Let Tracee help you reach your potential.  


Tracee has been practicing physical therapy for over 25 years.  Tracee received her Bachelor's of Exercise Science in 1996 and Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Montana in 1998.  Then, completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2015.  Her physical therapy practice has included transitional care, home health, school district, acute care, outpatient orthopedic and emergency center settings.  Tracee likes to incorporate a combination of gentle manual techniques with movement retraining. Tracee’s continuing education interests have lead her in many directions including pilates, treatment of TMJ dysfunction, hypermobility, manual therapy treatment, casting for orthotics, movement impairment corrections, and more recently Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  

Tracee Karlson, Doctor of Physical Therapy
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